March for Science - Netherlands

22 April 2017

12:00u - 14:00u Museumplein Amsterdam

Science stands up

Brief van rectoren voor vrije wetenschap

“Rectoren van de 12 Nederlandse Universiteiten schrijven een pleidooi voor vrije wetenschap” Op 16 februari 2017 publiceerde het NRC een brief namens alle 12 rectoren van de Nederlandse Universiteiten, waarin zij waarschuwen voor het gevaar dat de vrije wetenschap in diskrediet wordt gebracht.

The english version can be found here

March For Science NL in de krant

De March For Science komt aan het woord in De Volkskrant!

Het stuk gaat over hoe Nederlandse wetenschappers tegen Trump aan kijken. Een belangrijk onderwerp, maar onze March For Science draait om een veel breder en globaler probleem dan de acties van de Amerikaanse President. Lees onze Statement hier op de website, onder het menu About –> Statement. (Ook in het Nederlands).

Welcome to March For Science - NL

On April 22nd 2017 we will March For Science! Under the menu item ‘About’ you can read our full Statement, telling you the reasons this march should be held.

Along the way we will add more practical information about the day of the March.

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See you soon in Amsterdam! Regards, the MFS-NL Organization

Amsterdam, Netherlands
22 April 2017

Science – Not Silence

It is time for scientists, science lovers, and concerned citizens to gather and make ourselves heard! With The March for Science we want to celebrate our passion for science, call for support and safeguard the scientific community.
We see an alarming trend toward discrediting scientific consensus and restricting scientific discovery. Rejection of overwhelming evidence by policy makers and opinion leaders is a critical and urgent matter. This is becoming a global problem. Staying silent is a luxury we can no longer afford.  It is time for people who support scientific research and evidence-based policies to take a public stand and be counted.

On April 22nd 2017 we will walk out of the lab and into the streets!
In Amsterdam we will march at Museumplein.

We need to bring awareness to the community and higher bodies that science is important, in every layer of society. We should all recognize that science is everywhere, and anti-science agendas and policies harm everyone — without exception. We invite scientists and science-lovers to join us on Earth Day in Amsterdam. There a diverse group of science educators and scientists representing many fields will speak to the public about ongoing research and its vital importance in our everyday lives. We encourage scientists to reach out to their communities, sharing their research and its impact on people's everyday lives. We must take science out of the labs and journals and share it with the world. During the March For Science we will bring forward a pro-science ambiance together, to show the world that science is the fundament of democratic decision making.


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